Top 13 Web Developer Interview Questions

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November 18, 2022
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Appearing for job interviews can be stressful. However, we can avoid the overwhelming feeling by knowing the most asked web developer interview questions. We have created a list of the best web developer job interview questions and answers you might face while looking for your dream job. We have included front-end developer interview questions, as well as back-end developer interview questions to give a holistic idea of what the recruiters might want.

1.  Tell us about yourself.

This is one of the most frequently asked web developer interview questions. It's an open-ended, and non-technical question, yet this question can be difficult to answer. You may be inclined to improvise this simple question, but doing so can be risky. You may offer too little, leaving the recruiter with no impression of your identity. This question aims to understand who you are and how you interact with others.

Begin with where you're from, your present position (or circumstance, if you've made a career transition), and a part of your previous experience. Conclude with what you'd like to accomplish next in your career, beginning with the position at hand and what you can contribute to it. 

2. Why Web Development?

Regardless of whether you’re a front-end developer or a back-end one, the recruiter is likely to ask you a question regarding your interest in the field. For this type of question, you can explore an interesting approach to illustrate where your programming passion developed and how it can assist the job role you are giving an interview for.  

3. Describe something new you learnt in Web Development?

It is another typical web developer interview question, often phrased as "What did you learn yesterday?" . You must show that you are a self-directed learner if you want to become a coder. You'll be required to follow the latest trends and learn new frameworks or languages. You do not need to be explicit about when, although avoid giving an answer that is too basic. Web developer job interview questions have topics about systems and frameworks, so you must be aware about the current industry nitty-gritty's and requirements.

4. How do you think your past coworkers in development and project management would define you?

In this case, the employer is looking at how well you know yourself, not just how you see your skills and usefulness. Do not forget to include a brief example to support everything. Would they describe you as diligent? Specify exactly when you were told that. When did your team members depend on you? This is among the ideal web developer interview questions and answers to prepare for your next interview. 

 5. What would you do if you couldn’t fix a coding issue by yourself?

Even during a job interview, it's okay to acknowledge that no one is infallible. Where do you go for assistance when an issue stumps you? In web development, Google is your biggest ally, and you can admit it. The recruiters just want to know if you could reach out for help, whether you do it by reading through forums, or by asking a coworker, friend, or experienced developer in your network. This tends to be among the typical backend developer interview questions since the field relies heavily on coding.

6. Have you ever had a position that required you to communicate with customers?

Client management is another important component of web development that will almost certainly be asked about. The interviewer is interested in learning how you can convey your thoughts beyond the team, how you deal with criticism over different problems, and how you work to find the best answers for everyone. You can talk about your extracurriculars or previous experience. This can be a question where candidates, willing to switch job could excel by talking about their varied experiences in their previous industries.  

7. What do you consider to be your strongest soft skills?

In essence, the employer is looking for information that is not mentioned in your resume, such as evidence of your expertise, open-mindedness, and communication skills. People changing careers often have an edge in this situation since they may draw on a more varied past to provide instances of these soft talents. That's crucial, because the recruiter will ask you to describe a time when you had to employ your skills and experience, so be ready with the answer.

8. How can you describe an API to a teammate from a different team who lacks technical knowledge?

This is an important web developer interview question. This question will require you to provide a non-technical explanation of web development. Avoid using too many additional technical phrases that you'll need to define to convey the message. This is an extremely important technical ability to have and this question is among the go-to front-end developer interview questions for its utility among prospective employees.

Try something straightforward with an example like: "In essence, an API is a mediator that enables two separate apps to connect. Allowing access to an API for a weather app on your website so that the temperature is shown on the front end would be a clear example.

9. Describe how you would settle a dispute with a coworker or your team leader.

With no preparation, this is a topic that may put you in an awkward situation. Be diplomatic in such situations, be honest about what you feel and what an ideal person should do in such situations.

10. How can you minimize the load time of a web application?

It is advisable first to describe how you evaluate and analyze the load time using a program like Google PageSpeed insights before listing the different solutions. A good place to start when figuring out the method would be browser caching. Another efficient method of accelerating website load time is through picture optimization through file size reduction. Other methods include reducing HTTP requests and redirections, getting rid of extra widgets, and so on.

11. Describe your regular process for developing a web application.

Avoid the temptation to go into great detail about a recent project you worked on when asked this standard junior web developer job interview question. The interviewer wants you to outline your regular process so they can verify that everything makes sense and that you are not missing any steps. 

12. Which methods would you employ if a bug was creating problems on a website?

This is the most important web developer interview questions. Provide the interviewer with the measures you would take to solve the problem, such as putting the bug in your case monitoring system, searching for the error message, and finding the section of code where the bug begins. You should also be able to say what kind of bug it is and, if you need to, ask for help from others to resolve the issue. Make sure that the reply shows how you solve problems reasonably.

13. What would be the best way to combine many style sheets on a website?

With this kind of question, the recruiter is hoping to see if you understand basic front-end ideas and whether you have an approach to doing things. Explain that the specific approach would depend on the type of website used to address this issue. Then you could back this up by providing an example or alternative solution. 

At the same time, show that you know that adding multiple style sheets affects the time it takes for a page to load. This demonstrates that you're considering not only the technology but also the user on the other side of it.


Appearing for a job interview can be daunting, no matter which industry you aim for. Questions in a web development job interview can include hypothetical situations, technical know-how, and an evaluation of your personality as a prospective employee. To prepare for these, we suggest you go through the top web developer interview questions and answers given above as you prepare for your next interview. We assure you that going through these questions and answers would help you ace your interview and get your dream job!

FAQs About Top 13 Web Developer Interview Questions

Q1. What kind of questions are asked for web development interview?

A: Some of the most asked web development job interview questions are: 

- How do you What are 5 essential skills every Web Developer should have?between ID and Class selector?

- What is the difference between undefined value and null value?

- What are the differences between HTML and XHTML?

- How do you differentiate between responsive design and adaptive design?

- How do you define progressive rendering in HTML?

Q2: What are 5 essential skills every Web Developer should have?

A:  There are five essential skills that every web developer must possess, which are also asked in web developer job interviews:

  •   Constantly learning and improving.
  • Keeping up to date with the industry.
  • Being able to manage time and prioritize.
  • Understanding UX. 
  • Communicating well with others.
  • Capture feedback easily.


Q3. How do top companies interview web developers?

A: We have compiled a few examples of Web Developer interview questions from some of the top tech organisations to give you an idea of the variety of questions that may be asked during your interview.

  • How would you implement integer division if your language did not offer it?
  • Vertically and horizontally center an element on the screen using CSS.
  • Implement a SortedMap in JavaScript.
  • How would you make your web pages load fast?
  • Write a JavaScript function that creates HTML based on a given input dataset.
  • Outline how you would implement a simple tic tac toe game in a programming language of your choice.
  • How would you reverse a linked list?
  • Design a webpage, which can auto-post new posts when you reach the bottom of the page by using JavaScript.
  • Write the code to find the balance point of the array.

Q4. What are the 3 fundamental components of web development?

A: The Three Basic Components of a Website

  • A Domain.
  • Hosting.
  • A Content Management System (CMS)

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