5 Best AI Development Platforms to Build Future-Ready Apps

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October 26, 2022
5 min read

Businesses often involve repetitive, tedious, and challenging operations, slowing productivity and increasing costs. As a result, companies must automate some functions to reduce production costs.

Digitising repetitive processes reduces paperwork and labour costs, eliminates human error, and boosts efficiency and results. First, however, businesses must use the appropriate technologies to reap the benefits of automation.

To automate a process, we need to use artificial intelligence (AI) development platforms that can help with digitalisation and give similar or more significant results than a human. An AI platform is any physical or virtual infrastructure that supports the deployment and execution of AI applications.

What do AI Development Platforms Mean?

With AI development platforms, machines are used to do the work that people usually do. These systems are meant to provide the impression of having human-level intelligence, including the ability to think, learn, solve problems, and communicate effectively, in addition to general intelligence and social intelligence.

What is the Importance of AI Development Tools?

Artificial Intelligence has a lot of business potential, but it can be hard to implement AI-driven software projects. A high level of expertise is required to successfully plan and budget for projects of this type.

The development of an AI-powered system is not a one-dimensional activity. A variety of tools are required to accomplish the objectives.

A powerful AI and Web development platform should ideally include:

  • Learning Machine Algorithms
  • Deep learning
  • Processing of natural language for machine translation
  • Automation
  • Features of Computer Vision for Image Recognition
  • Speech facilities for communication
  • Conversions (spoken language to text or text to speech)

Top Five AI Platforms for Digital App Development

The advancement of AI technology has resulted in the development of automated systems that are primarily suitable for professional use and personal application. In addition, the technology allows for simplified data collection from multiple sources. Here are the top AI development platforms transforming the future of technology.

1. Google AI Platform

With the help of Google Cloud, startups may develop machine learning models that can be used for any data, regardless of the size.

Models that have been trained can be used immediately with Google's worldwide prediction platform and ultimately interact with the company's infrastructure, application programming interfaces (APIs), and data services. In addition, the prediction API is compatible with the Google Cloud Platform, and the RESTful API is accessible via libraries for numerous common programming languages, including Python, JavaScript, and .NET.


  • Responsive machine learning in the cloud
  • Customer feedback analysis
  • Spam filtering
  • Recommendation techniques
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Forecast of the purchase price


  • A cutting-edge security system
  • Convenient pricing structure
  • Long-term usage confirmed

2. TensorFlow

TensorFlow is an open-source software framework for numerical calculation with data flow graphs. If using Python, the machine learning processes can be sped up and simplified with the help of the TensorFlow open-source library for numerical computing. TensorFlow uses a familiar metaphor to make deep learning and machine learning models and computations usable.

TensorFlow was developed by the Google Brain Team of Google's machine learning research team for neural network models, although it can be used in other disciplines.


  • Extreme adaptability
  • True portability
  • Link research and manufacturing
  • Auto-differentiation
  • Language alternatives
  • Boost productivity


  • Highlights the strengths of machine learning
  • It is efficient
  • Cloud TPUs (Tensor Processing Units) are designed for ML model training and execution

3. Microsoft Azure

Regarding simplifying machine learning for enterprise use, Microsoft Azure Machine Learning provides cloud-based advanced analytics. The new Windows Phone personal assistant, Cortana, uses many of the same real-time predictive analytics. Azure ML also includes verified Xbox and Bing solutions.

The complete model may then be deployed as AI in web development service in minutes, which can access any data at any place. It can also be shared with the community in the product Gallery or Machine Learning Marketplace. Machine Learning Marketplace includes APIs and finished services.


  • Digital Marketing
  • Mobile
  • Electronic commerce
  • LOB Applications
  • SharePoint hosted on Azure
  • Dynamic on the Azure Platform
  • SAP on Azure


  • Mobile enabled
  • Online-based
  • Works with any computer operating system, programming language, development tool, or framework.

4. Wipro HOLMES

Wipro Holmes is a cognitive services platform driven by machine learning and AI that automates and speeds up business processes. With Wipro Holmes, businesses can anticipate discovering innovative solutions to their specific issues, allowing them to flourish in the future.

Machine learning, genetic and machine learning-based algorithms, semantic ontologies, analytical thinking, and knowledge modelling technologies are used to create Wipro HOLMES, which is used to develop solutions that improve the user's experience and productivity cognitively, speed up processes through automation, and finally achieve fully autonomous functionality.


  • Digital virtual agents
  • Predictive methods
  • Intelligent process automation
  • Visual computing applications
  • The virtualisation of knowledge
  • Drones and robotic systems


  • Speech recognition
  • Identifying patterns
  • Natural language processing

5. Infosys Nia

Infosys Nia is an AI development platform built on knowledge. It combines machine learning and the organisation's institutional knowledge to accelerate automation and promote innovative ideas. This enables businesses to obtain greater insight into the potential to improve, simplify, and automate numerous business process activities. With Infosys AiKiDo service solutions, Nia significantly reduces the costs associated with maintaining both physical and virtual infrastructure. It streamlines continuously renovating essential business procedures while simultaneously capturing the knowledge and expertise of people working across diverse and complicated systems. Using cutting-edge technology, Nia enables organisations to provide innovative and engaging user experiences.


  • Information platform provided by Infosys
  • Automation platform from Infosys
  • A platform for Information and Analytics by Infosys
  • Infosys Aikido infrastructure
  • The effective use of assets
  • Activation-to-Order Process Transformation
  • Automation of incident response

Final Thought

Artificial intelligence has much potential to change how a business builds software in the future. The AI development platforms will significantly impact the value of real-world applications that require strong AI and ML skill sets.

For real-world projects, it is best to choose a company that makes apps that look to the future and can report in real-time.

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