A Look Into 8 Best Online Data Science Courses of 2022

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October 20, 2022
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Are you someone who thinks Data Science is limited to Python and Full-stack development? Data Science is an open platform that connects different segments and provides multiple opportunities for professionals and students. Read on to learn more about the vast benefits of online Data Science Courses.

Full-stack development course

The Online Data Science courses impart the abilities required in a Data Scientist to design, evaluate, construct, and use sophisticated Machine Learning models. The specialities assist the candidate with developing additional skill sets in Cloud computing or Data Science, preparing you as a technology expert for the future. The Newton School staff collaborates with top industry professionals to design and develop the curriculum, learning materials, and projects.

This Online Data Science course covers every phase of the lifecycle of a data science project and addresses the enormous demand for data scientists. 

The course includes-

·         Introduction to programming

·         Data structures

·         Algorithms

·         Service-side development and framework

·         HTML & CSS

·         Cloud Computing- Linux Essentials

·         AWS Core


The course also offers multiple facilities by Newton School, including live Virtual Online classes at Newton school. The system provides Career Assistance, resume builder, interview tips, and doubt-clearing sessions.


Master in computer science

An online master's In Data Science is appropriate for students who want to develop their skills.  The course will teach the design, implementation, and evaluation of computer-based processes, components, and programs. After completing this program, the candidate can apply mathematical foundations and computer science theory to real-world problems. Additionally, the candidate will be able to analyse an issue and identify the computational requirements needed to solve it.  

The course covers the following topics

·         Artificial intelligence

·         Interactive computing

·         Scientific computing

·         software engineering

·         Database and information systems

Here an added benefit is the flexibility to design and implement the computer-based process. This enables the students to try different programs and components.

Master in data science

Master in Data Science is the Best Data Science Courses For Beginners, and it will teach how to use techniques in data science appropriately. The best method to make judgments in data science is also trained in the course.

The program consists of the following subjects

·         Statistics

·         Science

·         Maths

·         Social sciences and

·         Business

A Master's in Data Science is suitable for candidates who wish to join the business, statistical segment and engineering with a degree in Data Science. This degree program combines business, social sciences, statistics, mathematics, computer science, and statistics.

Introduction to data science

The online data Science class will cover the main topics in data science.  Various issues such as Data Manipulation, Data Communication with Information Visualization, Data Analysis with Statistics and Machine Learning, and training are provided to work with big data.

The course covers

·         Data Science and its history

·         Python Library utilization

·         Linear Regression Analysis

·         Confusion matrix

·         Random Forest and the history

  Data Science with Python

Learners are introduced to data science through the speciality using the Python programming language. This specialization is designed for students with a basic understanding of Python or programming. The course equips candidates with statistical, machine learning, text analysis, and social network analysis techniques. Various Python toolkits, such as Matplolib and Pandas, are also used.

The Data Science Online Course With Certificate contains

·         Introduction to Data Science in Python

·         Charting & Data Representation in Python

·         Applied Machine Learning in Python

Different models of Python are taught in the Applied Data Science course. The course would equip the candidate to learn the basics and practical knowledge. Cordial support is also provided by the lecturers online.

Statistics and data science

Statistics and Data Science course has been created to enhance the capabilities of the Data Scientist. Here, the core concepts are taught along with specific techniques in the domain. Simple ideas such as Data visualization, normal distribution, and binomial distribution will be covered in the Data Science Course.

The course also covers the-

·         Descriptive statistics

·         Bayes theorem

·         Types of distribution

·         Hypothesis testing


The statistics and Data Science courses also offer customized learning and 24*7 support from the experts of Newton School. Enterprise-grade learning management system (LMS) is also included in the study.

R is another well-liked programming language for data science. This course gives an introduction to R from a data science perspective. The Data Science with R-programming teaches the candidate to become proficient in Machine Learning Algorithms like K-Means Clustering and Random Forest.

Online Masters In Data Science comprises of

·         Basic concepts of statistics

·         Introduction to deep learning

·         Text mining and Time series calculation

Data Science with R-Programming equips the candidate to work in Aviation, Social Media, Healthcare, Human resources, and Media by applying R Programming skills.

Time series and an introduction to deep learning are all included in this data science with R training. The candidate can apply Data Science in media, healthcare, social media, aviation, and human resources.

Data Science deep learning

This course will equip the candidate to build an artificial neural network using deep learning techniques. The system teaches the candidate about Python and Numpy through basic building blocks. Data Science with Deep learning also teaches about the Softmax function. The course is best for candidates interested in machine learning and data science.


The course would equip the candidate with-

·         The process of Deep learning and its operation

·         Building neural network with fundamental building blocks

·         The types of problems and ways to solve them using neural network

·         The concept of Backpropagation and Activation.


Online Data Science Courses at Newton school offer coaching with industry experts and live mentorship throughout the year. Moreover, the course also equips the candidate with the soft skills required to excel in their career. You can just click on the link below to learn more about Newton School's courses.


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