Career Focus: Improve your Job Prospects with MSc in Computer Science

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September 30, 2022
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Students usually face confusion as new fields keep emerging every day. There seems to be something for everyone to do, but a choice paralysis takes over. However, one name that stands out in the noise is that of Computer Science.

There are undoubtedly several merits of pursuing a Masters in Computer Science, considering how many people choose it. For instance, according to Forbes, it is one of the top-tier courses with a scope of 12% growth.

This article will discuss why an advanced degree in Computer Science is essential in today's world and explore some great career options after doing MSc in Computer Science.

What is Computer Science?

A quick Google search on the definition of computer science will tell you that it is, in essence, a study of computational systems. It is one of the five sister disciplines: computer engineering, informational technology, software engineering, information systems, and computer science.

A computer science student learns data structures, algorithms, artificial intelligence, and related topics to make the user experience smoother, contributing directly to the growth of the business. This is what makes computer science of the most lucrative fields to work in.

At their very core, a computer science student must be a problem solver. Essentially, a computer scientist analyses how a person takes on a problem and then teaches a computer to do the same via algorithms. They also might have to design applications or web pages. They might even have to debug or correct errors along the way.

Why a Computer Science Degree is Good For You

A degree in Computer Science has many advantages. It not only equips the students with tools to be career ready but also teaches them real-life skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, etc.

Keeping up with the world

The world keeps evolving, and technology develops with it. No one would have guessed that we would have self-driving cars by now. With the development of platforms like Metaverse, thousands of businesses are going online, so computer science is vital.

Wide scope

Computer science is one umbrella term that contains many fields and careers. Even if one does not have much experience in coding or an undergraduate degree in computer science, there exists a vast scope in the market to earn a decent living.

Rewarding your creativity

If you are a creative individual, wouldn't you like to be rewarded for it? Computer Science is a field that requires people with unique ideas. This discipline will undoubtedly test your ability to go beyond your comfort zone. For one, you will be an indispensable part of a company if this is a skill you possess.

Financial advantage

If money is something that matters to you, being a computer scientist is definitely an option that needs to be seriously considered. Even the starting salaries in all the fields after getting an MSc in Computer Science degree are worth a lot. One does not even need to be a permanent employee and can make significant earnings in the world of freelancing.

What You Will Learn in MSc in Computer Science

This 2-year-long course is considered the best to attain an in-depth understanding of the discipline. The postgraduate syllabus is packed with theory and practical knowledge of computers and their applications.

Becoming industry-ready is one of the many benefits you will avail of with all the projects you have to complete. Some of the subjects of learning covered in the course are as follows:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Software development
  • Programming languages

The eligibility criteria in some universities is an undergraduate degree in the same field, but others accept students of other disciplines as well.

With a Master's degree, one can specialise in Human-Computer Interaction, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Graphics, Cyber Security, and so on.

Career Options after MSc in Computer Science

Computer Network Architects

Salary range: Rs 10 to 36 lacs per annum

Computer network architects are majorly responsible for building networks for communication within the company. Some of them also develop global networks, depending on the demands of the business.

Information Security Manager

Average salary: Rs 17 lacs per annum

These individuals are responsible for keeping up the defences of the internal/external networks of the business. Generally, a postgraduate degree such as MS in Computer Science or MSc in Computer Science is required to enter this field of work.

Software Developer

Average salary: 6.6 lacs per annum

If you have a knack for developing software or applications for specific uses, this job is for you. You will also need some understanding of coding if you want to make your mark here.

Web Developer

Starting Salary: Rs 3 lacs per annum

When someone Googles 'Career options after Masters in Computer Science,' the web developer position will surely pop up. In this job, one has to make websites and applications that contribute directly to a company's growth. Professionals in this field must also have good communication skills.

Other jobs include Computer Systems Analyst, Software Development Engineer, Mobile App Developer,  Database Administrator, Master Data Analyst, Computer and Information Research Scientist, Operations Manager, and Computer Science professors.

A Masters in Computer Science unlocks several options in terms of various career paths. The world will need computer scientists as long as there are computers. Therefore, there will always be a place for you in this field as long as you hone your skills regularly.

At Newton School, you do not need any coding experience to join and start your learning journey, not to mention that the entire course is done online with live mentorship lectures. Also, when you first step into the industry, you also get lifetime placement assistance to ensure job security.

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