Digital Goa Scholarship Program

A program by Directorate of Higher Education and Goa State Higher Education Council, Government of Goa in collaboration with Newton School for in-depth training and upskilling in software development through an industry-oriented learning path.
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Digital Goa Scholarship Program

The four small steps needed for a huge career transition


Attend the launch event on the date at the venue in Goa


Register for the Bootcamp and attend a 12-week coding workshop


Finish the bootcamp successfully to be eligible for the scholarship


Get a job after completing the course in Full Stack Development and skyrocket your career

Get hired by your dream companies

The journey to becoming a software developer


Coding and Mindset Bootcamp.

An intensive 12-week coding and mindset bootcamp for to-be developers
Develop your aptitude required to learn programming
Revise K-10 level of mathematics needed to learn programming
Get in-depth knowledge of software development before you start your career in it
Take part in projects like building a Facebook or Amazon clone from scratch
Become a part of the larger community of coding globally and contribute to the advancement of technology through software

Digital Goa Scholarship Program

Finish the bootcamp successfully, and get advanced to a 6-month-long course in Full-Stack Development, free of cost!
Zero fees until we get you a job
You pay us only after you get a job after ending the course in Full-Stack Development. Once you get placed and start earning, you can pay us back in instalments for up to a maximum period of 36 months.
Get industry-oriented, high-quality tech education
Daily live classes with industry experts hailing from Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and other top companies, with added focus on one-on-one training and mentorship from the top educators of India
Personal and group mentorship sessions
Personal and group mentorship sessions by the leading mentors in the tech landscape, as well as resume-building sessions and interview preparation with mock interviewers.
Learn from the best in the industry
Some of our experts include these incredible folks

Pratik Kumar Sinha

Software Engineer

Rishabh Garg

Software Engineer

Anirudh Pundhir


Ravi Kuman


Srijan Gulati

Frontend Developer

Ritika Sharma

Software Developer

"The Government of Goa has the goal to turn Goa into an educational and knowledge hub and with the Digital Goa Scholarship, we are taking steps towards achieving these goals. Newton School will be providing advanced training in coding for students from various colleges and make them eligible to get placed in 1000s of IT companies across India. In Goa we are committed to be a part of the Educational Revolution that has unfolded under the leadership of the honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Getting IT companies to Goa will not only benefit the youth, but will facilitate the entire economy.”"

Dr. Pramod Sawant
Honourable Chief Minister, Goa

Who can apply

Anyone who is pursuing Bachelor's or Master's in Arts, Commerce, Science, Engineering or any other stream is eligible for the bootcamp and can come attend the launch event.

The launch event

9 AM onwards. 28 March, 2023.
Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Indoor Stadium, Goa

Featured Guests

Tentative guest list. Final list to be revealed soon.
Dr. Pramod Sawant
Hon'ble Chief Minister, Goa
Kalyan Krishnamurthy
Group CEO, Flipkart
Kunal Shah
Founder, CRED

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to complete the course?

The course duration will be for 6 months.

How much should I pay and for how long?

You have to pay a sum of 2.5 Lakhs over a period of 36 months after getting placed in one of the companies offering a minimum guarantee of 5 LPA. No payments needed until you get a job through the course.

What are the pre-requisites to join the course?

You should have a basic knowledge of computers and good communication skills to pass our entry test.

Am I eligible for this this course if I'm from a non-technical background?

Yes, you're absolutely eligible to apply for our courses. You'll be trained deeply with the necessary technical skills so that you can choose technical streams as your career.

Is registration fees required to apply for the course?

No, we don't charge any amount for registration.

After getting a job from Newton school, if the company is found to be fraud and fires me after 3 months, do I still need to pay the fees?

As mentioned, we help students to get placed in the top-notch companies with good packages, there’s no chance of any fraudulent as such. We allow companies on the placement tracks only once they're testified.

Can someone who has 2 years gap after his graduation and doesn't have a job for this year, apply for the course?

Yes, absolutely!

What if I quit for higher studies from the company in 2 years?

Once you complete your course as per the syllabus and get placed in any company, you're supposed to pay the fees within the provided time duration. After that you can switch to any field you want to.

What if the company fires me after 3 years for any reason?

As per our policy, Newton School has the responsibility to get the students placed in topcompanies offering good packages ranging from 5 LPA - 40 LPA .If the company fires you within 3 months after joining in, you won't be asked to repay us until you get placed next. But if it's more than 3 months and you're terminated from the company, we won't be able to nullify ISA as it's a rule.

If any student doesn't have a PC due to some financial issues, do you provide them with the same?

No, we don't offer any such facility as of now.

I don't know basic programming languages, still I'm interested in learning coding. Can I apply for Newton School?

Yes, you can apply but you should know at least basic things related to computers.

Can I take admission in your full stack developer programme without a degree as I don't have one and I am wishing to switch into this career badly? I have completed Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and presently working.

No, only final year graduates who are ready to take up the job, are eligible to get enrolled in our course.

Do two slots mean that I can appear for the test both times?

Yes, you can. But at a time, you can choose only one slot and then later you can choose another. The best result would be considered.

Currently, I am in 3rd year of engineering and I want to join Newton school. But due to eligibility issues, I can't join it. Can I give the entrance test to see the level and compare with mine, so that I can prepare myself for the next time when I am done with my Bachelor's degree?

Yes, you can register your name and give the entrance exam, but we don't disclose the results as per our policy.

Do students from Computer Science background having a good knowledge of Java and Python need to give entrance exams?

Yes, the entrance exam is common for all. It's the first step to get enrolled in our programs as we can't choose many students at a time.

If I want to join directly without appearing for the test, what would be the fees for the course?

There's no direct enrolment even if you're ready to pay us beforehand. Appearing and qualifying in the entrance exam is compulsory to join in

I want to enroll by paying upfront, how much fee do I need to pay?

The upfront fees is INR 1.75 Lakhs.