"Newton's ISA model has amused me with 'Pay after Placement' and in the worst case I would learn full-stack development for free. So, I joined the course and my transformation began. I got to learn from industry coders who taught me in’s and out’s of development rather than just coding."

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Jenish Jain


"I was constantly stressed if I would even become a decent programmer. After Newton School, I'm placed in a startup in Bangalore with 3x of my campus offer."

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Nandita Kalita


"Newton School taught me all that is required to crack interviews at big companies. Within 2.5 months I was confident and resigned from the company I was working with, without having any offer in my hand. Within some time I got my first offer and later I made it to Unacademy with 4x of my previous salary."

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Aalekh Sajonia


Initially, I was quite weak in Data Structure and Algorithm but at Newton school, I overcame this fear as Newton School helped me in enhancing my coding skills as well as my approach to solve the coding problems. I achieved my true potential and achieved success within a few months! 


Prakash Anand


The students were divided in a batch of 5–6 and each batch was assigned a mentor and a doubt assistant. The mentors were from top product-based companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Visa, Adobe, Zomato, Swiggy, Oyo and many more. I started getting referrals even before the course ended!


Harekrishna Mahto


My projects and assignments were well received and soon I scored an interview. Apart from the courses, the mentoring sessions and the mock interviews were of great help. The interviewers were highly professional as we were made aware as to what the employers and the tech industry demands from the aspirants. 


Sourav Tiwari


One day, I came across Newton School and got enrolled myself in their full-stack (MERN technologies) classes. It took my knowledge level from ground 0 to a level, where now I am confident enough to build web applications. The mentors were highly dedicated and were easily available in case of queries

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Pratik Swain

Falabella India

The entire staff at Newton School was dedicated and supportive. The learning environment and the experienced and professional mentors made this journey seem like a cakewalk, even at times, when it got difficult. My hard work and it finally paid off as I made it to a handsome package.


Rohit Kushwaha


I had a kid so I was not able to work that efficiently all the time. My mentor understood my problem and even contacted me personally to ask if I was facing some issues with the course. Newton School knew my situation and helped me with the course. And he constantly asked if I needed some help on any subject.

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Sithi Nasila


My journey with Newton School was an amazing one, full of new experiences and great lessons! My mentor guided me throughout my journey. My advice to students who are confused about their career choices- Go for Newton School’s full stack web development course, change the course of your career planning and head towards success!

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Sarthak Bhaiji


The courses were brilliantly structured as the educators and the mentors, both worked in complete coordination, with the utmost dedication to help the students at every instant. Anytime I had any problem or doubt, the mentors were there for me. No matter how many sessions it took, they made sure that my problems were solved.


Kanishk Kalyani

Hevo Data

Mock interviews are one of the best things Newton School has to offer. Interviewing is a skill and mocks are the best way to practice and improve. They were conducted by industry experts who offered detailed constructive feedback to quickly identify weak points. The practice significantly reduced stress and anxiety about interviewing.

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Yogita Sinkar


I had improved professionally over these six months. I had developed a better work ethic and was being consistent in solving the problems. My instructor was my inspiration here! I often wondered if he could put so much effort into us and our learning then why can’t we? Indeed, he motivated me to be a better version of myself. 

raja rai.png



The lectures were conducted every single day and sessions were well-organized. We had weekly assignments and contests to help us practice everything. For me, the most significant aspect of learning here was the environment. I wasn't sure about my interviews before joining but I could notice an improvement in my confidence after.




Newton School — you guys groom us in technical as well as non-technical manner. You support us from the first day of joining until the day we get our dream job. Thank you so much! I would recommend Newton School to students like me who have or are studying in tier-3 colleges or to anyone who is struggling to find a good tech job.

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Today, I can build a full-stack application in two days. I gave my mock interviews to people working in Microsoft, Amazon, Visa, Ajio, etc. And I am still in touch with my mentors. Our mentors indeed helped us to overcome our difficulties. Thanks to Newton School, I had these immense changes in me!




After Newton School, I became consistent with solving data structures and algorithms. I understood the requirements of working in a company, the expectations a company has from its employees. I got to believe myself after being consistent. By the end of the course, I was habituated to coding.




The thing I liked most about Newton School is that they worked great as a team to ensure that we build ourselves on every skill, be it technical or non-technical. I would recommend it to them who are confused about their future, are graduating from college, and don’t know how to get a good tech job.

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Ayush Somani


Because of Newton School, I am happy that the lockdown happened to me! It was the bright light amidst the pandemic for me! If I hadn’t joined Newton School, I wouldn’t have put in the hard work that I did in lockdown. Ultimately, I had my laptop and I had my entire focus only on the course which brought out the change in me!




We got personal mentors who were involved in our teaching and ensured that we developed. We were given many problems to practice every day. My performance has improved after the course truly, thanks to Newton School! There is a definite result that I saw. I can proudly say that my confidence has improved because of it!



Epik Solutions

My grasp in data structures & algorithms improved immensely. I could say it went from almost 0 to 1. My fear of touching a coding problem is gone. Not only me but also my batchmates got good placements in some amazing startups. I got placed in two startups one with a package 2x my campus offer. Thanks to Newton School.

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Anubha Agrawal


Before Newton School, I wasn’t able to communicate effectively. But when I started giving mock interviews, I had to work on these skills and I am glad that I did work on my communication skills. I would have rated my interview performance to three or four previously but after the course, I would give myself six or seven




An unusual aspect of learning at Newton School is the Mentor Sessions. After our regular classes were over, we would have a one-on-one session with a mentor. They would coach us and solve our problems. The sessions were fun and interactive, unlike the traditional classes. The mentor’s support enhanced my learning experience. 




I was guided by dedicated mentors who would not only solve my problems related to the course but were available when needed. One of the key things that I had learned in Newton School was the problem-solving ability. Earlier, I did learn things theoretically but at Newton School, I understood the practical implications of everything!

Sumit Singhania.png



Mock interviews were an aid to improve your performance at the actual interview. The fundamental focus is the communication skills in an interview. They help you to put forth your points and communicate efficiently. Personally, I had learned more about JavaScripts and overcame my difficulties with Data Structure and Algorithms.




The primary difference in the teaching of Newton School was the mentor sessions. The mentor sessions were conducted after classes. Our mentors would solve our doubts regarding the course and it was very interactive. I started feeling more confident with interviews.



Think Future Technologies

I am a medical school dropout but I was passionate about the tech world and interested in programming too. I was trying to gain more knowledge about this world without being enrolled in a traditional college course. Here, I obviously learned the technical skills but more importantly, at the end of the course, I left with newfound confidence.




I had got better problem-solving skills and my cognitive abilities had improved too. I had developed the logical proficiency that is required for coding. Additionally, I had developed the skills of a new domain. The mock interviews were extremely helpful. My interview performance has shot up from three to eight because of it!




The lectures were beginner-friendly and the time schedule is quite apt for people who work in the daytime like me. During the course, we have built apps like the Tik-Tac-Toe game, Calculator, IMDB clone etc. By the end of the course, I was able to code proficiently and gained in-depth knowledge about frontend and backend development.




At Newton School, the learning is focused on practical implications, industry-relevant skills. We got weekly assignments that were based on the teachings of the class. I had no technical knowledge about full-stack development before joining the course. I did a lot of projects during the course which was very relevant for the industry.




One of the things that stand out in the courses of Newton School is the focus on the practical implementation of knowledge. Most of the things that were taught theoretically had a practical implementation here. My skills in implementation improved. I saw a huge difference after completing the course at Newton School.

Anirudhha Jaiswal.png



I came from a mechanical background so in the initial classes I had difficulty catching up with the other batchmates nonetheless, I could grasp whatever was being taught in the class. My mentors took out time and ensured that I understood everything. They clarified all my doubts throughout the course.

Jimmy jacob.png



I didn't have any experience with full-stack development and it was at Newton School that I had learned about front-end development and today, I also got a job for the same. Thanks to newton School, I was able to learn other coding languages. Newton School helped me get a job that I certainly liked with a satisfactory package.




I would try to solve my assignments at the earliest. They were challenging and helped us to put our theoretical knowledge into practice. The instructors taught us in a manner where we understood the topic right in the class and once we practiced and solved our assignments, we could be a pro in the respective concept.




I was guided by dedicated mentors who would not only solve my problems related to the course but were available when needed. One of the key things that I had learned in Newton School was the problem-solving ability. Earlier, I did learn things theoretically but at Newton School, I understood the practical implications of everything!

sudip ghosh.png



At Newton School, my problem-solving skills had grown. Earlier, I didn’t know how to approach the problem but I learned to get different solving perspectives here. Furthermore, my hesitation during the two-phase interviews had reduced after the course.I would rate my performance at interviews from four to seven after this course!




Every week, I looked forward to mentor sessions as it would help me clear my doubts. I started getting a hang of data structure and algorithms. I was confident about solving the DSA problems by the end of the course. I would have rated my performance four on ten but after Newton School, things changed.

Akshat Goyal.png



The fact that we could have one-on-one mentor sessions with people who were already working in giant techs like Uber, Zomato, etc is worth it. That adds another layer of learning and builds up the interest. My learning curve was very high by the end of the course. Thanks to Newton School, I work for my passion!

Pratik patil.png



Earlier, I couldn’t solve coding problems and had a singular approach to such questions. I was even rejected for internships due to a lack of coding skills. Nonetheless, Newton School changed the way I looked at problems and enhanced my logical thinking. It helped me develop a different perspective to find answers.