Transit to job in a product company and get 7+ LPA


Transform Your Career

Get Salary Hike

Pay After Placements

Transit your career from a service-based company to the product-based


Get 2X-3X or 3X+ hike in salary with your newly learned skills.

Pay ZERO upfront fee until

you get placed at 7+ LPA.


Months Course




LPA Guaranteed


Students' Batch


Who can Apply?

  1. A working professional with over an year of experience in IT.

  2. A person with basic knowledge of Programming and Software Development.

  3. A person who can devote weekends and after hours on weekdays to this course.

Pay ₹0 till placement

No upfront fees

Pay only after you get
a job of 7+ LPA

2.5 Lakhs paid over a

period of 36 months


  1. Basic Programming proficiency

  2. Arrays and Strings

  3. Basic Sorting and Searching (Bubble, insertion)

  4. Basic understanding of time complexity

  5. Basics of web development and HTML, CSS

10 hours of classes divided over 4 days a week

Admission Process


Screening Test

Preliminary level screening via an online test that tests your programming aptitude and development skills


Final Interview

Based on your pre-course performance and milestones submission you'll be assessed based on an interview.


Documents Submission

After clearing 1st round, you need to submit your identity, address and income proofs required for verification.


Pay upfront and sign ISA

Pay 0 upfront and sign the income sharing agreement with Newton School.



Take the pre-course for a week and understand the functioning at Newton School

Frequently asked questions

How long will it take to complete the course?

The total duration for the course is 6 months.

Can you describe the course requirements in brief?

This course is basically for the experienced professionals who have spent a minimum of 1 years in Software Development.

What pre-requisites are required to join in the course?

You should have a basic knowledge of computers and good communication skills to pass our entry test.

What is the range of CTC offered after getting placed with the help of Newton School?

The CTC ranges from 7 LPA - 40 LPA.

Is registration fees required to apply for the course?

No, we don't charge any amount for registration.

What if I don't get placed with the minimum CTC mentioned?

Our expert instructors and teachers are there to help you out at every step so that you're able to crack the interview of top-notch companies and get placed with good pay. In case this doesn't happen, you don't have to pay back to us until you get a job within 1 year after the completion of course.

How much amount do I need to pay back to the company after getting a job with your help?

You need to pay us a sum total of 2.5 lakhs over a period of 36 months after getting placed.

If I get an offer of more than 10 LPA meanwhile I'm enrolled in the course and I decide to leave Newton School, do I still have to pay as per the ISA?

If you leave the course within a month after the joining date, you won't be asked to pay any amount to us. But, if it's more than a month and then you decide to leave the course, you're supposed to pay to us as per the ISA norms. However, it's just a 3-months course, you would be easily able to grasp the concepts and enhance your skills to get better opportunities.

Do you guarantee placements with the mentioned provisions?

We prepare students in such a way that they are confident to get placed in good companies and the CTC also satisfies their requirements. In case they fail in doing so, they get about an year to get placed according to their skills and talents. They are supposed to repay only once they get the job.

I am already working in a good company for over 3 years with a satisfactory CTC, how would your course help me?

As this course is for the experienced professionals, it will help you enhance your software development skills and this would increase your chances of getting promoted in the company where you're currently working. However, you can sit in our placement sessions to get better opportunities.

As this course is for experienced candidates, do they also need to give the entrance exams?

Yes, we have entrance exams for all the batches. This helps us know the eligibility and then choose the candidates who can make it up to the best. On the other hand, those who aren't selected, get a chance to learn something new and prepare themselves for the next time.

I don't know basic programming languages, still I'm interested in learning coding. Can I apply for Newton School?

Yes, you can apply but you should know at least basic things related to computers.

Can I take admission in your full stack developer programme without a degree as I don't have one and I am wishing to switch into this career badly. I have completed Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and presently working in Chennai.

No, only final year graduates who are ready to take up the job, are eligible to get enrolled in our course.

Do two slots mean that I can appear for the test both times?

Yes, you can. But at a time, you can choose only one slot and then later you can choose another. The best result would be considered.

Currently, I am in 3rd year of engineering and I want to join Newton school. But due to eligibility issues, I can't join it. Can I give the entrance test to see the level and compare with mine, so that I can prepare myself for the next time when I am done with my Bachelor's degree?

Yes , you can register your name and give the entrance exam, but we don't disclose the results as per the rule.

Do students from Computer Science background having a good knowledge of Java and Python need to give entrance exams?

Yes, the entrance exam is common for all. It's the first step to get enrolled in our programs as we can't choose many students at a time.

If I want to join directly, what would be the fees for the course?

There's no direct enrollment even if you're ready to pay us beforehand. Appearing and qualifying in the entrance exam is compulsory to join in.

Applications for Newton School Professionals Batch - March'21 Batch - is OPEN!