From being a Farmer's daughter to becoming a Rockstar Developer!

Belonging to a rural area near Agra, Yasha Chahar received her early education from the local educational institutes. She had to leave home for college as her hometown did not provide good colleges. Even though enrolling in a tech institute seemed like a difficult job, the challenging part was yet to come. Her tech course demanded her to learn good coding skills, but her lack of technical background made it difficult. Her coding skills were merely limited to theoretical knowledge as it helped her get good grades in college. The CGPA was good, but the practical technical knowledge was taking a heavy toll.

It was during the untimely visit to her hometown during the lockdown that she came to know about Newton School and it immediately grabbed her attention. However, she couldn’t make it the first time as her scores were a little below the cutoff score. Refusing to give up, she finally got in the second time. Yasha was a beginner in coding and other technical skills but strived to work hard and learn.

Despite the numerous problems she faced, including the lack of a good internet connectivity in her village, Yasha had to struggle a lot. During the scorching summer days, she would sit on her terrace to get a better network signal and make sure she didn’t miss lectures. Newton School knew the dedication of this student and in turn offered all the help and encouragement for a hard working student like Yasha.

At times when it seemed difficult, Yasha pushed forward with her extreme dedication and stayed motivated, earning the praise and encouragement from her colleagues, mentors and instructors. Yasha attended her first ever interview from the terrace of her home in a network chaos and all her efforts bore results as she finally made it through the process and came out successfully.

The story of Yasha Chahar is filled with everyday struggles many of the students face, but what makes it inspiring is her undying enthusiasm and a strong will power.

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