Six Reasons to Take Real-World Projects

Project-based learning is a pedagogy that encourages students to learn by putting their knowledge and skills into practice in an engaging manner. Project-based learning is the easiest way to have fun and learn simultaneously. These projects are a vital gateway to learn about the real-world mechanisms of the industry.

Beginning with tic-tac-toe apps or weather forecasting apps, a rookie programmer can quickly get started on real-world projects while learning the ropes! So, if you have been putting off your pet project for a while, here are six reasons why you should get back to it right away!

1. You Will Learn Better When You Work

Working on real-world projects is important because it allows you to put theory into practice. You might think you know everything from the book, but unless you work on projects, you'll never know if you do. Real-world projects like building reminders and calendars using python could be the beginning of your creations on the web. Though the projects may appear to be quite simple, they will be beneficial in the long run! The shortcut to learning and remembering something is to implement it in your daily life.

Learn to build a reminder and calendar app in this video series

2. It Can Boost Your Employment Prospect

Do you know one-fourth of today's developers come from a different field? Recruiters are more flexible and interested in your skills. Real-world projects increase your prospects of being selected for a job. Your project indicates that you can work on tasks. It shows your passion for programming so even if you haven't been engaged with other activities like competitive programming or internships, real-world projects will make up for it. You can showcase the best of your projects on your resume. Hence, these projects stand a chance even if you are not from an IT background. You'll also begin to build soft skills such as teamwork and leadership, which are crucial in the workplace along the way!

3. Build Connections

Real-world projects will give an opportunity to learn and get in touch with people from the same field. Once you start working on projects, eventually you will start engaging with the community for guidance and inspiration for new work. These connections are indeed important for growing in the workspace. There are a plethora of platforms for like-minded people to connect and work on projects together. Discord, Clubhouse, Telegram, etc are just a few spaces for learning and community building.

4. Better Reasoning And Increased Awareness On Important Subjects

Once you start working on projects, you are likely to understand their shortcomings. You will find yourself answering questions like, ‘Why X Programming language should be preferred over Y for building a game?, ‘How can an app become a solution for neighbourhood problems like long queues in the local medical store?’.

Fun Fact: A student named Avi Schiffmann founded one of the most prominent COVID-19 tracking websites in the world,, as a project. While working on these projects, you can find solutions for the issues that disturb you and learn real-life skills.

5. Broaden your perspectives

Once we put our hands to work, we actually realize how tedious an ‘easy’ task can be. Real-world projects are the lens to see how things truly work. The inevitable benefit of project-based learning is that you engage with diverse people, hence you end up learning valuable lessons. The discussions and challenges open up new doors for students.

6. Hone Non-Technical Skills

Real-world projects are not only meant for technical skills. At the end of the day, you start developing non-technical skills too. You learn to listen and work with difficult people too. It gives you an opportunity to balance your time more effectively. Another huge benefit of working on projects is decision-making. You start analyzing the pros and cons before taking a step over time. Furthermore, it boosts your creative skills and critical thinking.

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