Sithi's Journey of getting into 7-Eleven as a Software Engineer!

As a young developer, Sithi was the first one from her family to get a job and work on her own. She got married when she was in the early stage of her career and soon she was shouldering various novel responsibilities. Due to her in-law's opinion, she quit her job and started focusing on household responsibilities. Soon, Sithi knew she wasn't one who could live without the passion of working and sitting idle was not her cup of tea. But this was the time when she wanted to focus on her pregnancy and her child. After her daughter was born, Sithi decided to get back to working and she tried to take up freelancing projects. By this time, due to the gap, Sithi felt that her skills had become outdated and she struggled to gather the confidence to hustle along.

With constant dilemma, time flew and Sithi got engrossed in raising her daughter and focused on helping her as she started her education. This is when Sithi felt a pit in her stomach for sitting idle and not being a role model for her daughter. She joined Newton School and juggled with various responsibilities. Right then the Pandemic hit and Sithi was loaded with all the household responsibilities. There were times when Sithi would be managing her daughter's and husband's schedules and then sit late in the night to catch up on the classes that she has missed.

Despite all the struggle, Sithi was determined to keep at it. She found support from the Newton School team and her mentor. Soon, she appeared for her first interview at 7-Eleven and got placed with a sky-rocket package. When nobody believed that she could accomplish herself in the software development industry, she proved everyone wrong and achieved great success.

When she broke the news to her family, all of them cried out of happiness. Today, she is planning to help her father retire from his bakery and wishes to ensure top-notch education for her daughter.

She embraces her happiness by saying "Now my daughter will get the best quality education". Well it seems that her daughter will get a great role model in her mother as well.

Watch Sithi share her Journey with Newton School here: