Five Tips to Become a Kick-Ass Programmer

Programmers write the code which is executed by the computer to give us the desired result. Perhaps, today, in the technology-driven world, it is the programmers who make our life simpler with bug-free apps and creative websites.

But how do you become a kickass programmer? Coding is like any other skill which can be learned but does a good programmer only code? As Martin Fowler rightly said, "Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand.", it is the logical and problem-solving ability that makes a good programmer. This article talks about a few tips which aim to develop programming skills and become a kickass programmer. empire. If your basics in programming aren't strong enough, it's obvious that you might

1. Get Your Basics Right

It's the foundation that builds a strong struggle with solving problems. Getting a thorough knowledge of basic programming languages like C++, HTML and Java is a must. Java i is still one of the most relevant languages in the industry. Taking online courses or seeking help from teachers and seniors would help to learn the basics. If you are trying to learn multiple languages, be certain that you are thorough with the basics first before moving to the next. Companies would be more impressed if you have expertise in one language rather than having a tad of information about many languages.

2. Work on Projects

Working on projects will give practical knowledge. Different projects will have a unique problem to encode and will help you to build various perspectives. At the end of the day, coding is about problem-solving. Isn't it? Contributing to an open-source community, freelancing, or even teaching coding to someone can be one step closer to become a kickass programmer. Remember to work on the feedback received after every project you work on, that will go a long way. Projects will add value to your resume too. Take the initiative and start working on a project you are passionate about. Work on the app idea that you kept planning throughout the college years.

3. Unit Testing

Unit tests exercise individual units of the code independently, hence keeping it short would be useful. Following the 3As of unit testing, 'Arrange, Act and Assert' is a key to test the code for a programmer. Unit testing will make sure that you can identify the problem and fix it if there is any change in the code. This will help you to understand the problem with the code. This might seem time-consuming, nonetheless, it will fix the bugs in the initial stages itself. Also, you can choose to reuse the code or tweak it if the test doesn't run.

4. Strengthen Logic

One might be impulsive to write the code but take a pause and understand the logic of the problem and your design first. If you work on code design and structures initially, you shall be able to write a precise code. It will let you study the implementation and understand the differences in design. So take this as your first step. Ask yourself 'what', 'why' and 'how' you are doing it before you begin coding. This will give an in-depth knowledge of your code.

5. Analyze and Review

You don't have to necessarily analyze someone's code. Begin with breaking your own code and review it in an unbiased way. Spending time analyzing the problems will let you debug your code effectively. Take the reviews and criticism seriously. Constructive reviews will let you disseminate the bugs and additionally, lead to meaningful discussions. Sharing your codes with your mentors or someone from the industry will definitely work. And if you are trying to review someone else's code, you might end up learning something that you didn't know! So it's a win-win anyway.

Becoming a kickass programmer is an unnerving journey that requires a lot of patience. The above steps will level-up your game and enable you to solve the problems instead of just write codes.

If you are a beginner, like any other field practice more and read extensively about programming. Now, buckle up your mind and take the first step!