Diving in the process of Google Interviews.

For many of you, landing a job at Google, is like a dream come true! A major potion of these students consider it as an impossible or a difficult mission to complete. But, is it, really? Well, its certain that if you want to become a Noogler, the perfect formula for your preparations includes loads and loads of Practice. Let's see what the recruitment process at Google looks like:

1. Sourcing/ Identifying Talent:

There are several methods the tech giants approach when it comes to sourcing the best talent. Recruiters either approach potential candidates themselves or consider referrals, and applications. With the first step, the basic candidature is focused on. The recruiter verifies if the qualifications and skills (overview) are as relevant to the job. This step acts like a basic screening process and the ideal candidates are then taken further down the process.

2. Phone Screen Interview:

The phone screen involves having a Google engineer conduct a 45 minute interview over phone or video call with the candidate. This will typically involve some questions along with some sort of problem solving activity.

At the end of this phase the recruiter will ask the candidate to provide a writeup of the interview by the interviewer. This writeup will include the interviewer’s assessment of whether to proceed to an onsite interview along with the specific details of questions asked and answers given.

3. Project Work:

This step includes asking the candidates to complete a small project prior to their in-depth interviews. This could range from prepping a case study to providing writing or code samples. The intention here is to ensure that they understand how you think and approach problems.

4. Onsite Interview:

This stage might sound as a scary one! But don't worry, the googlers are quite nice and cooperative even when they are taking interviews. A candidate might have to take up 3-4 for interviews at this stage. Usually, the interviews take the approach of Structured Questions and Open Ended Questions. The Structured Questions are more role bound and to see if you can stand out in the lot of the people they are interviewing and the Open Ended Questions are to understand your cognitive you can be.

4. Lunch Interview:

If you have come this far, you are almost ready to join the team. What's interesting with Google interview process is that they let you understand the work culture. This is lead by a Googler who would ideally take you around the office and have a meal with you.

5. HR Round:

If you've cleared the entire process until now, well it time to discuss the complete package. Now, you are all set to get the offer letter.

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So, all set to take on the google interview?