Newton School's

Income sharing agreement (ISA)

What is ISA?

With Newton School's income share agreement (or ISA) a student can enroll and complete the course by paying absolutely nothing and get placed in a top notch company, but agrees to pay back fees over a period of 36 months. This way students can learn effectively without pressure of down payment in the starting.*

3 things to know about ISA

Pay ₹0 tuition until you land a high paying job

Newton School covers your tuition costs until you're making at least the minimum guaranteed amount. There's no down payment.

Pay a fixed amount over 36 months

After you land a job of and above the minimum guarantee you only have to pay a fixed amount of fee decided at the start over a period of 36 months. 

Stop paying once you've reached the cap

You're 100% free from any obligation to us once you've reached the cap or the payment schedule ends.

Our ISA is an investment in our students

Newton School only makes money if you land a job, and if not we make nothing. And once you complete the payment period or reach the cap, you are 100% free from any financial obligation to us.

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Newton School is a platform to learn and develop skills that you need for your best Tech career. We boost up your skills and prepare you for your dream job. 

We are dedicated to build and structure your tech career for the dream companies worldwide based on your skills, eligibility, preferences and work hard with you till you get into one of yours.

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