Full stack development
course structure

  • 1 - 4


    Introduction and Basics:

    HTML,CSS, Javascript, essential tools Basic CS concepts

    Projects: Your own website

  • 5 - 8


    Front End Development (Web Apps)
    ReactJS, Redux, advanced frontend development

    Projects: Creating a frontend clone of an existing Web Application.

  • 9 - 12


    Back End Development 
    Node.JS, Database, Networks fundamental, DevOps

    Projects: Creating a fully functional Web Application.

  • 13 - 16


    Data Structures

    Array, LinkedList, Stack, Queue, Priority Queue, Binary Tree, Binary Search Tree & Hashing (Hash Tables, Maps)

    Placement training

  • 17 - 20



    Asymptotic Notations, Sorting algorithms, Binary Search, Greedy vs DP, Graphs: BFS & DFS, Dijkstra algorithm, String algorithms (KMP)

    Projects: Final project using all the concepts taught in the course

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