Newton's coding challenge (NCC) 2020

Data Structures & Algorithm

Cash prizes worth ₹20,000 (only for Indian participants) + several gift vouchers 

  • Cash Prizes worth Rs 20,000 for college students and working professionals.

  • Top 50 coders get Rs 100 gift vouchers​.

  • 50 lucky coders between the ranks 51 to 500 get Rs 100 gift vouchers.

Registrations open now. Contest begins at: 09:00 PM, 29th January 2021
In case of any issues please email at

NCC Leaderboard

NCC 25th September 2020   -

NCC 28th August 2020   -

NCC 30th October 2020   -

NCC 23th December 2020   -

About the contest

India's premier online coding contest based on algorithms and data structures that aims to foster the learning of data structures, algorithms & problem solving in Indian college students.

Solve challenges and win

1st Prize - 8,000

2nd Prize - 5,000

3rd Prize - 4,000

4th Prize - 2,000

5th Prize - 1,000


There will be multiple problems and points would be allotted on solving the problems. Each question may have different points depending on the difficulty level of the problem.

You can sit back in your homes and give this test online. All you need is a good internet connectivity and a quiet environment.


Eligibility - College students and recent graduates with a knack for Programming

Code hard in silence, let your victory roar


Sign up

Sign up on Newton School to enter the platform.


Register for contest

Register yourself for the contest in the compete section.


Solve like Newton

You now have to solve all the challenges in the contest and submit them.

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